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Manage your waiting list in the cloud. One simple platform. Dynamic, fast, and reliable.

Client Experience Simplified

  • 1 Receive SMS & Push notifications from your provider as soon as a more preferable time opens up. No more annoying calls in the middle of an important meeting.
  • 2 Customize your availability. Stop getting calls for appointment times when you are not even available.
  • 3 Enjoy a single hub for all your pending appointments, which notifies you of better appointment times. No more having to repeatedly call and annoy receptionists everyday, nor hope that the Post-It notes with your name on it doesn't "get lost".

Provider Experience Enhanced

  • 1 Keep track of all existing clientele who request more preferable times, in the cloud where it is easy to manage.
  • 2 Only reach out to people who are local, available, and who have good quality scores.
  • 3 Reduce expensive no-shows in your schedule, while at the same time servicing more of your existing customers.
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